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Creating an account/Login

The first time you use, you should create your account. With an account, you can track your order, review previous orders, and we will remember your billing information for you. You only need to create your account once.

To create your account, select Create an Account at the top of the home page. Enter your information in each of the squares. Please note that any fields with a star (*) are required and do need to be filled in completely and accurately.

If you are a Price Chopper guest, please enter your AdvantEdge Card number.

When you have entered all information, select Register Me at the bottom of the page.

Providing your contact information enables us to contact you if there are any issues or questions regarding your order. We do not share your contact information with any outside parties.


Gift cards are offered in several designs and eight different denominations.Using the drop down arrow next to the design you wish to order, choose the amount of the gift card.Then enter the quantity you want to purchase of that denomination.For example: selecting $15.00 Gift Card and entering a quantity of 2 will order two individual $15.00 gift cards.Click Add to Cart.

Clicking Add to Cart will add that order to your Shopping Cart and clear the order screen.You will see the number of individual cards you have ordered in the parentheses next to Shopping Cart at the top of the screen.

Ordering multiple values of the same card design - To add another order of the same design with a different value, simply choose your next value and enter your quantity, then click Add to Cart.

Ordering more than one card design - You may select several designs at one time by choosing that card’s value and entering a quantity greater than zero next to each design.Click Add to Cart.Any time you click Add to Cart, it will update the Shopping Cart with all entries you make on this page, including all designs that show a quantity greater than zero. In the event that the design you order is out of stock, the standard non-denominational Price Chopper card design will be substituted.

Shopping Cart - Your Shopping Cart is where all of your selections are stored while you browse the catalog.To access it, simply click on the icon next to Shopping Cart at the top of your screen. Here you can view your entire order, modify quantities, or remove items altogether from this order.

Quantities – How many of each card you have ordered.

Remove items - To remove an item, click the box to the left of the item and select Update Cart from the bottom of your screen.

Modify quantities - To modify the number of a gift card you’ve ordered, change the number in the Quantity box to the right of each item, then select Update Cart.Your totals will then update.To add more gift cards, select Continue Shopping.

Once you have completed your shopping, select Checkout.

NOTE: Your Shopping Cart will be emptied when you: complete your order, log out, are timed out, or otherwise close out of the website. Completed orders are maintained in the My Orders page.

Taxes and Delivery – we operate in different market areas, so you may see tax and delivery charges in the Shopping Cart that aren’t applicable to you. At Checkout, these charges will become applicable to your order.

Additional Fees – Price Chopper does not charge an activation fee to activate its gift cards. However, to cover administrative costs, a $2.50 per month maintenance fee will be charged after 24 months of inactivity (except where prohibited by law).

Terms of Use:Use of the gift cards you receive constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions: Once activated, this card is redeemable for merchandise only at any Price Chopper Supermarket. Not redeemable for cash (except as required by law), and not replaced if lost or stolen. No refunds given. This is not a credit/debit card and has no implied warranties. Purchases will be deducted from the card amount until the balance reaches zero. To cover administrative costs, a $2.50 per month maintenance fee will be charged after 24 months of inactivity (except where prohibited by law). For questions regarding this card visit or call 1-800-666-7667.


Delete – to the left of the item row, there is a Remove checkbox. If you wish to delete an item entirely from your order, simply click the checkbox and select the Update Cart button.
Image – the image in your Shopping Cart is what the item will look like when it arrives
Name – this box states the name of the item you ordered
Price – this box reflects the individual unit price for item ordered
Subtotal – this is the price of your order before taxes and delivery charges
Shipping – if there is a delivery charge for your order, it will appear here
Tax – total taxes for your order, if applicable
Total – final price of your order, including taxes and delivery charges


The checkout screen will show you your itemized purchase list, with the Total. No taxes or shipping are applied to gift card purchases at this time.

If you have logged in, your billing address will be displayed on the screen. If you have not logged in, you will be required to enter your billing address, including a phone number and email address so that we may reach you with any questions on your order.

To ship to your billing address, click the checkbox next to Use billing address as shipping address? Otherwise, complete the Shipping Information to tell us where to send your gift cards. Fields with a star (*) are required fields. We will include a copy of your order as a packing list with the shipment.

Ordering for multiple delivery addresses - We are unable to ship a single order to separate locations – all purchases for each order will go to one shipping address. If your items are intended for two different delivery addresses, you will need to place a separate order for each delivery address.

Gift Message – you may add a message of up to 100 characters to your packing list.At this time, we are unable to print messages onto the gift cards themselves. Limit one gift message per order at this time.

Notes – add any specific notes or comments you wish to include for us to process your order, including any specific delivery requirements. These notes will not appear on the packing list.

When you have completed your Billing, Shipping and Message information, select Submit at the bottom of your screen.To go back to your Shopping Cart, chose the Back button at the bottom of your screen, or Shopping Cart at the top of your screen.

Once you choose Submit, you will receive a copy of your complete order, including Order ID number, Delivery ID number, Delivery Date, and Order Total. Please review this information for accuracy, and print a copy for records. Then select Continue to Secure Payment Form. At this point, you may still make changes to or cancel your order, until you provide your payment information.

Please note: Your order is NOT yet completed, and will NOT be fulfilled until you have provided payment information on the next screen.

When you select Continue to Secure Payment Form, you will be directed to a secure site for payment. Choose your credit card type, then enter your credit card number with no spaces or dashes. Choose the month and year of your card’s Expiration Date. Enter the card code – this is the security code for your credit card, typically located on the back of your card. Select Continue.

Order Confirmation

Once you have successfully completed the payment screen, you will see your Order Confirmation screen. Please print this page for your records. An email will be sent to the address you provided in your order. This email will confirm that we have received your order and are processing it.

Orders over $300 will require a confirmation of receipt before cards can be used. Price Chopper gift cards should not be activated until received as stated in the confirmation email. If the gift cards are activated prior to receipt, risk of loss and title will pass to you. Price Chopper is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged cards or any unauthorized card use, and will not replace lost, stolen or damaged cards or cards used without authorization.

Shipping and Handling

Your order will be processed upon receipt. Delivery can be expected within 7 to 10 business days of payment receipt. If you have special shipping/delivery instructions, please put those instructions in the Order Notes section of your order. NOTE: If your order is valued at $300 or greater, your signature may be required upon delivery.

My Account

To change your password, address or phone number, select My Account at the top of the screen. If you are changing your password, enter your old password or the reset password sent to you by Customer Service. Enter your new password, then again to confirm it. Select Change Password. Your password has now been changed.

To modify your membership information, you can update only a few fields or all of them. To change all of your information, select Clear Form. This empties all fields in your contact information so you can begin fresh. Once you have made your changes, select Update MyInfo.

My Orders

One of the benefits of logging in before making a gift card purchase is that we will maintain a history of all orders placed on your account. Here you can view existing orders for status and delivery, as well as past orders. For detailed information on an order, select the order number.


This section contains frequently asked questions and the answers to these common concerns and issues. If you do not find the answers you need on this page, please select Contact Us at the top of your screen.


For security purposes, we recommend you log out when you have completed your order. In addition, if the page has been inactive for more than five minutes, the system will automatically log you out.To exit the page, select Logout at the top of your screen.

Please note: if you logout or are timed out before you complete your order, you will need to reenter the order the next time you log in. We are unable to save any items in your shopping cart after logout.Any completed orders, however, will show in the My Orders page.

Tracking your Orders

To track the progress of your order, please contact us at 1-800-666-7667(Option 1) for the shipping date and method, and a tracking number, if applicable.

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